La Passion Du Sanguinaire


20/09/04 - Added one new story, Five Things The Chip Wasn't Marketed For to Others.
06/09/04 - Been a while between updates. Sorry about that. I've added two new stories, Licentious Eloquence to Historical, and Follow Me Down to AtS season 5 and post NFA. Currently much of my time is taken writing Whispers After Dark, an all human AU WIP that can be read in my live journal.
23/05/05 - Added all the outstanding stories from my LJ plus a brand new design and home. Please change your links accordingly. Thank you.
15/02/04 - Added several ficlets and drabbles.
17/12/03 - Added a page with some wallpapers and icons.
11/12/03 - Epilogue to Demon's Aria posted.
Queen's Gambit nominated in the Shades of Grey Awards.
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