Josey's Fiction



Fever - Ficlet, PWP, Cross dressing.


Whispers After Dark - Novel set at an English boy's public school somewhere around 1850, think Tom Brown's School Days with added sex and violence.

Warnings - Because of the setting, some of the boys will be underage - fifteen at minimum. Non-con, semi-non-con, bullying, fagging, spankings, the occasional caning over a desk and private oral tutorials. NC-17. WIP


I'm Not the One - Short story. Warnings for implicit child abuse and related issues. NC-17

In the Rough - Short story. When Marshall Mitchell Franklin sets off in pursuit of a wanted killer known as Doc, hes expecting to meet a hardened criminal. What he actually finds is a beautiful man with a troubled past. Set in the late nineteenth century in Hole in the Wall country, In the Rough explores a strange and growing relationship, rooted in fear, insanity, and grudging respect. NC-17

Originally published by Torquere Press under the pen name Terry Hunter.