Route March

An original three novel slash series by Liz and Josey.
All characters belong to the authors.
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Artwork by sueworld2003
Travelling Blind
Two men with nothing apparently in common meet up a year after a single sizzling encounter. Malcolm Cullen, private soldier, ex-special forces, is in New York on business. James, an out of work actor, has sunk lower than he ever thought possible. Now dependent on drugs and selling his body to get by, he needs someone to give him a hand up. Is Malcolm that man? And what will happen when their worlds collide? Can either learn to trust?
Travelling Down
Now settled in London, things appear to be going well until Cullen is called away in an emergency. Things go progressively from bad to worse as James in thrust into a role he neither wants nor enjoys. Unfortunately there's more resting on his actions than ever before. Will he produce the performance of a lifetime or crumble under the pressure? Only time will tell.
Travelling Back
Life can never be the same again, but while James is making progress, Cullen seems to be falling apart. Unfortunately coming to his rescue proves to be somewhat complex and yet again James is dragged to the forefront of a life he detests. Is love ever enough to overcome the types of hurdles between them? It’s something they both need to find out.