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Character Essays

Spike Speak by ShadowKitten - How to write your Spike without making him sound like a working class Cockney. You mean he isn't? I hear you gasp. Then read this, it will certainly help.

Angelus Speak by ShadowKitten - As with the essay above, Shadow sorts out the ye's from the you's. Well worth a read.

Let's Just be Friends by Tania - Don't want them shagging? Then read this for a take on the two male vampires and their platonic relationship.

What's in a Name by Tania - A run down of the names of our favorite vamps over time.

Five Shadows: Writing the many incarnations of Angel/Darla by Tania - It does what it says on the tin.

Vampire Sex by Nan Dibble - A look at the dynamics and drive of vampire sex and sexuality.

Technical Essays

A Few Thoughts on Historical Fanfiction by Peasant - An expert in the field shares her insights.

Going Old School by Tania - More insights.

Getting back to the Grindstone by Josey - And yet more insights.

Beta's Bible by Tania - Thinking of being/using a beta? Want to know what to expect/look for? Tania tells you.

Fanfic Terms by Tania - Just what is an AU or a WIP?


Tania's Timeline - Exhaustive list of who was where, when. Up to date as of 'Destiny' AtS season 5.

Useful Links

Resource Links - History, sexuality, language. Find your reference material here.