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Angel/Darla Links

Absolutely Darling, no longer updated, a few fic.

Simply Darla Angel, No longer updated, fic by 8 authors, I recommend using the text version which seems to have more content.

Definition of Bliss, home to several WIP's not archived here.

Darla Links

Darla: New, Improved, Revamped, the Darla Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, an extensive resource site and archive.

Angelic Darla, an extremely slow loading Julie/Darla site, no longer updated.

Julie-Benz.de, a German Julie fansite.

Julie-Fan.de.vu, another Julie fansite.

Darla Forever,

Seductress, a Darla Slash archive.

Fatal Flaw, a Julie site with many interviews and a gallery.

Darla the Blonde Vampiress,

Drusilla Links

Charm School, The Drusilla Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild, a fabulous resource and archive.

Drusilla's Garden, this site is closing soon but has some great Dru bios and quotes.

Juliet Landau's Official site has a very large gallery and Juliet's many convention appearances.

Naming All the Stars, a fun little Dru/Juliet site.

Drusilla the Vampire.com, lots of sounds, images, and other goodies.

Hannah Dru, has images, roleplaying games, Juliet and Dru bios.

Darla/Drusilla Links

A Tomb with a View, A Darla/Dru site, but not really a shipper site.

Death Becomes Her, a Darla/Dru shipper site with fic and more.

Reawakening, the Reunion/Redefinition fanlisting.

Harlot and Scarlet, a great Darla/Dru site, lots of content.

Spike/Dru Links

Evilista, has tons of Spike/Dru fic and extras.

Spike and Drusilla - A Happy Memory, has a small amount of fic, some Spike/Dru extras, nice layout.

Drusilla's Dollhouse, a Spike/Dru shipper site with a slow loading layout.

Eternal Darkness, a small archive of Dru/Spike & Spike/Darla fic.

Drowning in Russet Silk, a fun site with a bit of fic.

Twisted Lovers, not updated in forever, a few nice features.

The Spike and Drusilla Links Collection, many links don't work, but still a pretty comprehensive list.

Spike and Drusilla's Garden, only a couple fanfic but some other fun things too.

Fanged Four Links

Drusilla's Dungeon, a horrid layout but lots of content if you care to dig.

Whirlwind, no longer updated, but it has some fun fanged four stuff.

City of Vampires, mainly a Spike/Dru/Angelus site, also has fic and essays.

General Spike & Angel Sites & Archives

The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy, a Spike/Angel shipper archive and writer's resource, and the Angel/Spike Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.

All About Spike, Tons of Spike-centric fiction, clean layout, updated regularly. Also houses fic challenges, resources, essays and other extras.

All Angelus, Very simple Angelus fiction archive. Many stories, easy navigation, no extra fluff.

An Angel's Soul, Cast bios, images, Angel advertisements, episode reviews, and spoilers.

Angel Obsessed, The Angel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild. Essays, fic recs, links galore.

Angel Slash Archive, Large archive, searchable by Author only, last updated in 2000.

Angel's Acolytes, Mainly a fan art site, but also houses episode guides and credits.

Angel's Night, Show info, galleries, fiction, wallpapers, episode info, and more.

Angel's Slaves, Sister site to Spike's slaves, mailing list, fiction, a few quotes. Last updated in 2001.

Angelic Vamps, fiction, bios, images, lovely layout.

Benaresq - lovely fic, elegant layout.

Biblioteque Diabolique, Kassie & Lar's archive. I recommend the *Blood Simple* series and *Ice* as a place to start your visit.

Blood Screaming, a Fanged Four site, timelines, fabulous fiction, yumminess ensues.

Bound by Blood, Bridie & Mouse's archive, also home to The Underworld Tattler, a hysterical Angel/Spike gossip rag.

Brat Queen, Home to the RPG from hell, 800+ pages of Spike/Angel, and Spike/Wesley yumminess.

City of Angel, Bios, gallerys, multimedia, news, episode reviews, just a plethora of information!

City of Angelus.com, another site with enough goodies to keep you lost for hours, case files, galleries, downloads, David spottings, high-tech layout.

Damned for Eternity, Small archive, some art, and other extras.

Days of Our Unlives is the bar to which all other Spike/Angel fiction is measured, So what if it's been forever since an update happened, go, go now and laugh till blood comes out your nose.

Duck's personal archive, once again being updated, Yay!

Due Uomini e una Gatta, An Italian Fanfiction site, fanart, multimedia, galleries, and more.

Educated Guesses, Pet's pesonal archive, mainly Spike/Xander, some Spike/Angel, all will make you go weak in the knees.

Effulgent Spike, slow loading images, intrusive midi files, have fun.

Eternal Nightcap, it's fun, it's funny, and did I mention the funniness? Fiction, art, interviews, not updated within the last year.

Eterniata Eros, a beautiful and yummy site! Host to an unbelievable amount of fiction.

Exfoliated, a small archive by Jay-dee, recently updated.

FicBitch.com - your link to fiction, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Home to Slashing the Angel, Blood Screaming, Camp Fire Tales, and so many other sites you should be worshipping.

Fists and Fangs, The Spike zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, essays, resources, fiction, and more.

For Spike's Sake archive, fiction by AngelsLame, a few short essays, relationship charts, and a small archive.

Happy Meals with Legs, site is in Iframes. Has a multimedia section, wallpapers.

Hellmouth Central, News, galleries, timelines, slayer encyclopedia, fanfiction, and tons more, try not to get sucked in all day, dare you...

Hodgepodgian Fiction, Criss Moody's personal archive, dozens and dozens of great stories.

La Passion Du Sanguinaire, Josey's personal archive, small site but good fic, and isn't that what really matters?

Let the Eternity Begin, El-Gilliath's archive. Fic, recs, Links, and more.

London Calling, a site focused on Spike, Giles, and Wesley, home to a fabulous essay on the redemption of Spike.

Lost Soul, Site houses a massive media section, clips, sounds, interviews, Het archive, lots of games, polls, reviews, and more.

Love That Dares, Jenny's personal archive, much Spike/Angel, also Spike/Wesley, Spike/Giles, and threesomes galore. Plus, they're funny, so bonus.

Moon Madness, Laure Alexander's personal archive, fabulous fiction, plus a rec list.

My Immortal Beloved, Rune's archive, not strictly A/S, but an amazing collection of fic and artwork.

My Spike, Fanfic recs, William/Spike bios, redemption issues, links, etc. And it's such a lovely orange!

NightBlooms, a fairly good size archive, but not much else.

Noctilucent, Formerly Moonrainstar.com - Lots of great fic from many fandoms, but Noxy has much love for Spike.

Our Angelus, Currently on Haitus.

Our Armageddon, The former Spike/Angel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, no longer updated but still host to some fabulous stuff, catch it before it disappears forever.

Peasant's Plot, Peasant's fabulous fiction, she wrote the book on historical fanfic, a simple archive full of goodness.

Peroxide on Top, As much a James adoration site as Spike. Gallery, a few stories.

Pointy Stakes, Mad Poetess' archive, much Spike/Xander, but also some yummy Spike/Angel

Pure Evil is no longer updated, but has a great Spike-centric archive, most any pairing you're looking for.

Rhymes With Lungs, Pretty site, bios, links, last updated 2001.

Saber ShadowKat's fiction, many pairings, all delicious. Also home to the James Marster's Spoon Worshipping Cult, yep, that's right.

Sajinn's Quill Queue, A personal archive packed with fun fiction and groovy layout

Scribes of Angel, Tons of fiction and recs, both het and slash. Frequently updated. What a great find.

Seeking Solace, Meg's personal archive, not strictly A/S, there is some Xander here. It's a nice little site and this is an author you will be hearing more about in the future.

Slashing the Angel, well okay! Kita's Angel-centric slash archive.

Soulless, Anna's personal archive, mainly Spike/Angel, also has wallpapers and avatars.

Soulmates til the end of Time is a great archive, has a nice Spike/Angel archive, in addition to Spike/Willow & Angel/Willow.

Spike Slash, An archive with nearly 75 stories, also has challenges.

Spike's Slaves, Last updated in 2001, het fiction, mailing list, and a few extras.

Sunnydale Sewer System, a teeny tiny under construction site, the webmistress seems to have gone MIA.

The Big Bad Anti-Redemption of Spike Message Board, voice your opinion if you think Spike should always be true to his evil nature.

The City of Angel, Episode reviews, drinking games, haiku, oh come on, who doesn't love haiku?

The Clockwork Vampire, So it's not updated anymore, this is still the premier series that you must read. No really, it's that good.

The Darkness Before the Dawn, Small fanfiction archive and a few links.

The Seduction of Spike, SpikedLuv's personal archive. Mainly Spike/Willow, but don't let that stop you.

To Shanshu in LA, tons of content, top ten lists, cast info, it's a beautiful site.

The Watcher's Council, where come September you'll be able to find a virtual Season Eight.

William the Bloody, Huge Spike/James galleries,bios, filmography, beautiful layout.

Fiction Archives & Cliques

ACS Fanfic Realm, A multi-fandom archive, small but growing, majority of fic is Buffy fandom. Automated archive.

Angel Slash, A Clique of Angel Slash lovers, a nice way to find slashy sites.

Archivist Love, a multi-fandom clique of archivists, a nice way to find other ATS/BTVS sites.

BTVS Slash, Multi-Author archive, slash only, all posting to their mailing list is archived here.

Back in Time, Small archive maintained by Hannah-Freya, mainly historical fanfiction.

Blood & Beers, an archive where the only requirement to get in is to get your characters inebriated.

Better Buffy Fiction Archive, Archive for the Btvs & Ats Book Club list.

Buffy Fiction Archive, sister site to the Guild, easy interface to upload your stories in seconds.

Fire & Ice Archive, multi-author listings, submissions through the mailing list or by direct email, archived by main character.

Homoeroticism Yay, a clique for those who just *know*

Le Soleil Noir, A Darla, Spike, Angel, Dru fanlisting.

The Crypt, A great Spike-centric archive, many, many series are hosted here!

The Glass Onion Archive, A multi-fandom archive, posts all fic posted to the Glass Onion mailing list, also has an automated posting interface you can use.

The Last Time I Saw You, the Angelus/Darla Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.

The Shadowlands, a dark-fic archive. Not updated since 2001.

The Slayer's Fanfic Archive, Now under Rave's management, submissions are currently closed, but will reopen soon.

Vampires in Valhalla, a great links site, no longer updated

We Want Him Dark...a clique in favor of Angelus.

Other Resources

A Thousand Words, More ATS/BTVS pictures than you can shake a pop-pom at, maintained by the fabu lady that brought you the now defunct LA's web.

Ain't it cool news - another that I can't stay away from

Angel Fanfiction Resources, Brother site to the BTVS Writer's guild, a great resource all around.

BTVS Writer's Guild, a priceless group of writer's resources for every character, ship, ans genre you can imagine.

Buffy Dialog Database, Searchable by story arch, season, episode, and more, better than a transcript site, it's actually fun!

BuffyWorld.com, a fabulous collection of episode material, plus the massive forums. A must visit site.

Mikes-Images.com - Mainly a Xena site, but he has Buffy & Angel screencaptures that are so clear you can count the pores!

Searching the Slayer, Finally being updated again, now if they would just invest in a spell checker, ugh.

Slayage.com, the only site you need for news

Sonja Marie's Buffy Links, the be-all end all of whedonverse linkage.

The Fan Fiction Directory, More that just Fan Fiction, a great links database to help you find a place for your work, multifandom.

The Slayer.Net, a Huge site of news, links, forums, a great resource to the fandom.

Things that make you go, Duh! A fun review site, fantastic silly layout, a much lighter view of the ATS/BTVS world than we usually see.