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Comments on pairings: This being a Fanged Four archive, I have introduced a new pairing - the Fanged Four Free-for-all, now affectionately shortened to FFFF. This pairing indicates any or all combinations of the vampires and has been introduced to save me typing them all out.

Authors: A-D E-J K-R S-Z
Tales of the Past -Along the years the vampire foursome of Angelus, Darla, Dru and Spike have been through a lot. This series details some of their adventures. Spike, Dru, Darla and Angelus, R.
I. Decadence
II. Eire
III.Blood of the Sacred
IV.Mask of Innocence

Misanthropy in Moscow - Angelus broods about Spike. Angelus/Spike PG-15ish.
Kimonos - 1920's Japan. A teahouse and a relationship. Angelus/Darla, NC-17.
Anna's other stories can be found at Nothing

To Sire with Love - Angelus decides to take William out to a party. William's POV William/Angelus, NC-17.
Recititative - What will keep William amused if dragged to the opera by his sire? William/Angelus, NC-17.
Blood Moon - William meets two worshippers of the moon, Angelus and Drusilla, PG.

An Apt Pupil - The story of Penn's turning, Angelus/Penn, NC-17.
Reminder - Y'know that mine scene in FFL? This is what happened afterwards. Angelus/William, NC-17.

A Winter's Tale - 1884; After a mysterious stranger arrives the Fanged Four have to flee from the Slayer. Angelus/William, Angelus/Drusilla, NC-17 (Outside link)

Ang Nuo - Angel and a buncha monks in the middle of nowhere: there's a party. Angel, PG-13.

Darling Effect
Midnight Waltz - Spike meets a curious entertainer.(BtVS/Angela Carter Crossover) Spike, PG-13.
Twist - PWP, with a twist. Spike/Dru, Spike/Angelus implied, NC-17.

Deanna Zankich
Flashback and reminiscance, vampire style. And the power of fluids. Spike/Angelus , NC-17.
I. Fluids
II. Blood Sugar
III. Coat Hanger Halo
IV. Honey and Bone

Destina Fortunato
Follow Me Down - Spike, Angelus, PWP, NC-17.

Wake - A quiet moment in time. Spike, Angelus, Drusilla, R.

Evil Willow
The William Series - 25 chapters of Fearsome foursome goodness, and badness, a must read. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

Flaming June
Pyrrhic - Spike comes out on top (pun intended) for once. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

Manhattan Nocturne - New York City in 1928, seen through the eyes of Spike, from the gay underworld to the fleshpots of Harlem. Spike/OFC's, het & slash, NC-17.

Foreign Devils - The tale of the Chinese slayer. PG13. Spoilers for "Fool for Love". Written June 2002.
A Good Man - William before he died. PG13. Spoilers for "Fool for Love". Written May 2002. .
Honeymoon - William after he died. NC17. Spoilers for "Fool for Love". Written May 2002. .

A Night of Firsts - After the fledgling William makes his first successful hunt, Angelus decides it's time to claim his rights as Sire. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

Jane Davitt
As Good As It Gets - William finally understands.
Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

Jessica Walker
Many Loves - A not-so-brief history of William the Bloody. S/A, S/D, S/H, S/B , NC-17. (Outside link)
The Preshow -"Pft! I'll see him die soon enough. I've never been much for the pre-show." "Too bad. That's what Drusilla likes best, as I recall." Sex. Sadism. Psychological warfare. Spike, Dru, and Angelus , NC-17. (Outside links)
I. Spectator Sport
II. Voyeur
III. In the Absence of Friends

An Irish Preoccupation - Spike holds down the fort while Angelus is away, with interesting results. Angelus/Spike, R
Queen's Gambit -The first in an historical series. The year is 1880 and the family is sorting things out amongst themselves. Plus politics – and that’s never pretty. FFFF, NC-17
Demon's Aria -The second in the historical series that started with Queen's Gambit. The year is 1881 and family dynamics are still settling. Continuing the theme of politics and intrigue. FFFF, NC-17
Listening - Buffy enquires about the significance of a certain song and Spike tells her. Historical Fiction with Spoilers for BtVS Season 7. Spike/Angelus, Spike/OFC NC-17
Offside Rules - Football, changing relationships and adventures with the boys. Spike/Angelus, R
The Moon Looks Back - China, 1900. Ficlet. Spike/Dru, PG-13.
Slice of Time - PWP, bloodplay. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.
White Wedding - Drabble. Spike/Angelus, R.
Faintest Breeze - Ficlet. Jointly written with Tania. Angelus/Darla, NC-17

The Fanged Four:A Trio of Fairytales - They don't call 'em The Brothers Grimm for no reason. The Fanged Four in all their dysfunctional, bloody glory. With smut. FFFF, NC-17.

And Darkness Comes - Occurs after events in Reunion. Angel finds an eavesdropper after firing the members of Angel Investigations Spike/Angel, Darla, Drusilla, NC-17

Laura Andrews
Trust - Takes place in both present and past- a prostitute unwittingly gives Angel clarity- from his POV, a dubious gift at best Angel/OFC, R.

Mad Poetess
Celtic Knot - A study in dynamics. Spike, Angelus, Drusilla, PG.
Game of Thrones - Darla insists Angelus play Dru's game. Spike, Angelus, Drusilla, PG.

A Chuisle Mo Chroí - A single tender moment comes back to haunt Spike… Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

House of Angelus - The first days of William's turning. An exquisite piece of Victorian pornography, something akin to swimming in erotic soup. FFFF, NC-17.

Peasant (Outside links to Peasant's Plot)
Chevachee -Angelus takes Spike on a little trip. Spike/Angelus, R.
The Cruellest Cut - Will he, won’t he? Spike, Angelus, PG-13.
Giving Him The Moon - Spike said that he happened to speak Fyarl, he never said he spoke it well. Spike, Angelus, NC-17.
Good Fairy - As everyone learns at Nanny’s knee: you should never, ever mix your drinks. Spike, PG-13.
Sweet William - A young man called William, England, 1880.

Spyke Raven
Painting the Sun - Umpteenth take on the ancient theme - how do Spike and Angel get together? But I promise you've not read this one before. And if you have, tell me who's my soul mate! Angelus/OFC, NC-17.
Nocturne - A night scene. Angelus/Darla, R.

Madrid, 1843 - Inspired by Luke's line in The Harvest, when the Master asks him when the last time he was bested in a fight was, Luke replies, "Madrid, 1843." Darla/Angelus, R (Outside link)
Holiday - Darla and Dru go on holiday, leaving Angelus and Spike to redefine the Sire/Childe relationship. Inspired by Angel's line in 'Over the Rainbow' that the Tower wasn't so bad. FFFF, NC-17 (Outside link)
Faintest Breeze - Ficlet. Jointly written with Josey. Angelus/Darla, NC-17

Tara Roseblade
Thicker Than Water -An encounter down by the waterfront. Spike/Angel(us), NC-17.

Brass - It's the 70s, there's a bar with Spike, Ethan, and Ripper in it. Don't you wanna go? Spike/Ethan/Ripper, NC-17
Lady Sings - Darla and Dru on the road. Darla & Drusilla, PG-13
Whore - Darla, lessons, love. Darla/various implied, R

One Good Turn - Darla and Angelus make a bet, and both the winner and the loser end up with more than they bargained for… FFFF, NC-17.

Not So Bright as Gold - One of the Slashed Sonnet series. The ever-changing relationship between Spike and Angelus. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.

Incandescence - The Savoy Theatre, 1882. Spike/Angelus, NC-17.