When we looked around the internet and saw a major decline in Fanged Four love, we wept. Sites we had previously loved had stopped updating, fanfic writer’s who had sucked us into their vampire-filled worlds had stopped writing. It filled us with a deep sadness, and so here you find our solution: A site dedicated entirely to Darla, Angelus, William, and Drusilla, the Fearsome Foursome that we love so much.

We hope that we will be able to rekindle in others the passion we feel so strongly for this dysfunctional vampire family. We hope to house historical fan fiction, detailed character essays, as well as other resources to help writers new and old with their own works, aiming to make the stories as historically accurate and entertaining as possible.

A quick note on what we mean by historical fiction...Fiction that takes place from Darla’s turning in 1609 to Angel’s decision to join the forces of good in 1996 are considered historical for our purposes. As long as the story takes place before the canon episodes of BtVS/Angel began we will consider them for the archive. We hope others will be encouraged to explore the fascinating dark side of our heroes’ past and help us bring them into the present.

>Tania and Josey


***Of course we don't own the Fanged Four or anyone else from the Whedonverse. If we did there would be conspicuously more sex and violence, and none of this getting souls or falling in love with mortals nonsense.***

***The stories archived herein contain adult material and should not be accessed by anyone under the age of 18.***

***All stories archived at this site are done so with the author's permission, if you wish to archive any of the stories housed here you must ask the original author for permission, not the webmistress. We cannot give permission to house any stories other than our own so please contact the author directly.***