Non-Pithy Piece of Pseudo-Pornography on Obfuscating Prevarication



Adam knew something was wrong when he opened the apartment door. His apartment, the one he rented to get away from home; the one he escaped to when the pressures of the real world and family life got to be too much.

Yes, he knew he was in trouble because Nathan was waiting for him, propped against the vestibule table. His arms were crossed and he was wearing, what Adam fondly called, his Angry Mal face.

Without bothering to let him close the door first Nathan barked, “Where’s the tape of us and Sean?”

The older man smirked at him, then removed his coat and hung it on the rack. Throwing his keys into the bowl by Nate’s hip, he responded, “Hi Nathan. Glad to see you too, sweetie. No, it wasn’t too bad of a day, how was yours? Oh, that’s nice…”

“Not in the mood, man.”

Adam stood stock still, narrowed his eyes and bit his lip. Suspicious, a little pissed at the attitude and yet confused, he asked, “Why? Did something happen?”

Nathan huffed and rolled his eyes, then stood up, pressing close in to Adam’s personal space as he snarled, “Oh, just you and that up-tight persona you portray on the boards.”

He didn’t answer for a moment, trying to figure out how best to word his response so that it wasn’t as scathing at is sounded in his head. When Adam was on a tear, he tended to leave his lover in a sobbing heap, no matter who that happened to be at the moment; so, rather than hurt Nate like that, he decided he’d let it drop. Throwing his arm out, he swept the other man to the side and practically stomped back to the refrigerator for a beer. A frosty cold St. Paulie girl in hand, Adam flipped the cap at the trash and then promptly downed a few swallows.

Nathan followed him to the kitchen and propped himself against the door frame.

“No really, Adam. Where is it?”

“Why?” he asked, again suspicion clouding his brain.

Nathan’s jaw dropped in disbelief then snapped closed. “Because I want to trash it, destroy it, before anything ever happens with it. And before it ever has a chance to get out of our possession.”

Adam nodded, understanding how catastrophic that could be to their careers since their names were neither Pam nor Tommy. But his blue eyes flashed cold fire with what Nathan said next.

“And we might wanna rethink this whole thing between us, too. Maybe just go back to being friends.”

“Why?” Adam purred, setting the beer on the counter. He couldn’t help it. A fired-up Nathan was something that got him hot and bothered faster than anything he’d ever encountered. Add to that the threat of breaking off their affair…well, it was like he’d just been issued a challenge. A challenge that meant a wild ride in the bedroom was certainly looming on the horizon, with him being the Scream Machine. It made his cock almost instantly hard to think about it.

“Because you’re too vocal about your opinions--opinions that you don’t even really believe in yourself. And I am not so sure I find the combination of big, hairy lover and closet hypocrite all that enticing.”

Holding his temper in tight reign and determined to see how far he could push this, he decided to ignore being called a hypocrite for a moment. Sliding up next to him, Adam burrowed under his shirt and into the waistband of Nate’s pants, placing his hand on Nate’s hip. Solicitously he asked, “What do you mean?”

Nate couldn’t believe he was being so obtuse. But he had to admit Adam’s slowly circling thumb was playing havoc with his mind and making the skin on his hip burn. It was exquisite torture and he had to force himself to concentrate. Adam wasn’t getting out of this one so easily. “Let’s see. How about at the convention where, when one of the con-goers asked about a River and Jayne romance and you, as I recall, shuddered in mock horror and or disgust, then responded with ‘What is she? Like, 12?’ Then, when we’re filming Serenity you kept going on and on about how fit she was, how talented she was, how toned her body was. And, again as I recall, you said something to the effect of ‘Summer is sooooo hot.’ So, that either makes you like a liar or a pedophile, you ass.”

Wincing Adam replied, “Yeah, Summer didn’t appreciate the con comment; took it pretty hard. I couldn’t sit straight for a month,” he added with a grin and an almost wistful twinkle to his eye that made Nate think he looked thoroughly depraved.

“And now there is this bit about porn being degrading and whatnot? Dude, first of all two words: TRADE. OFF. How ‘bout another one? Starquest. Second, the tape needs to be destroyed if you’re to retain any semblance of credibility. One of us has to think about your career on occasion.”

Adam couldn’t help it, he really couldn’t. But he enjoyed being chastised like a wayward teen, and all the blood went from his head to his cock at how Nathan’s voice raised a bit at the end of that tirade. He pulled Nate quickly into the tight hollow of his pelvis and pressed his dick against Nate’s crotch. Adam then lowered his head and, with moist lips, kissed a line up from Nathan’s collar bone to just below his ear. He bit softly on the lobe then whispered hotly, “The tape was just for us, not for general public viewing or consumption. There is a difference.”

At this point, Nathan was flustered. He shivered at the softly spoken words, the warm air making his hair stand on end and giving him gooseflesh. The kisses were driving him to distraction; passionate open-mouthed kisses pressing against the skin of his neck again and again as Adam’s strong palms traveled under his shirt to caress his back. Nathan shook his head to clear his thoughts and responded, “Not seeing the difference there.”

Nate’s breath caught when Adam dipped his firm tongue into his ear; and the smaller man groaned, licking his suddenly dry lips as Adam’s hands dove into his pants again, this time to palm the hard, tightly muscled globes of his ass. His breathing fast and shallow, Nathan continued, “That’s like saying your interview in Playgirl didn’t really mean that you ever supported the magazine…”

“Exactly,” Adam murmured attempting to cut him off by running his index finger down the crack of Nathan’s ass, pausing only when he reached his goal and pressed his finger into the slight depression.

Nate gasped loudly and pressed himself back onto the deftly exploring digit, but continued on with his train of thought. “Only that you were a whore for the attention.”

Pushing his finger in deeper, Adam captured Nate’s lips in his own and kissed him hotly, their tongues dueling for dominance, and teeth clicking against each other in a desperate attempt to swallow the other whole.

It was Adam’s turn to gasp when Nathan unzipped his fly and pulled out the rock-hard cock. And when Nate brushed the pad of his thumb across the head of Adam’s dick, drawing off the bead of pre-come that had leaked out, Adam moaned with pleasure.

Pulling back a little, but with their lips still touching, Adam responded, “There is a difference. I didn’t pose.”

Amusement dancing in his eyes, Nathan looked him up and down, “More’s the pity. You were pretty hot back then, you know.”

Arching his brow Adam questioned, “Were?” while slowly but forcefully walking Nathan back toward the bedroom.

“Ok, still are,” Nate conceded as he allowed himself to be shoved down to sit on the bed. This put him at eye level with Adam’s crotch, so Nate yanked on the pants frantically, bending over to help Adam step out of them and his shoes. He ran his palms down the crisp, curly leg hairs, and tucked his fingers into the dress socks to help pull them off as well. Then, starting at the big man’s knees, Nathan began kissing his way up the massively muscled thighs, running his tongue over the tightly bunched hip flexors. Adam’s abdomen clenched as this was one of his few ticklish spots and his cock bobbed and slapped against his stomach in time with silent laughter.

Nate dropped to his knees, encircling one fist around the throbbing cock and using the other to help suck Adam’s balls into his mouth completely. Adam had to wrap his hands around Nate’s head and lock his knees to keep from falling over in ecstasy. Letting them fall from his mouth, Nate kissed the sac softly and ran his flat tongue up the vein to flick across and dip into the slit on top. He pressed his open lips against the head then from under his lashes, Nate looked up at Adam to continue coyly, “But really, that’s parsing hairs. Just…no more with the judgy judge-pants stuff ok?” Then he dropped his mouth over and almost completely swallowed Adam’s dick.

Surprisingly lucid as he fucked Nathan’s mouth, Adam responded. “Still think the porn industry is…ah God, more…out of control and does contribute to the moral…oh, Nate--holy hell…decline of society.

Slightly agog, Nathan stopped sucking and then stood, spinning Adam around and shoving him down on his back, angled across the comforter. He shucked off his own pants and threw his shirt across the room. Grabbing the bottle of slick off the nightstand, he crawled up Adam practically oozing cynicism. “Right. But the blood orgy you just did isn’t encouraging violence, isn’t detrimental? I’d rather there be porn on TV 24- 7,” he snarked while liberally coating his dick with lube.

Adam watched in fascination then held out his hand for some of the cinnamon flavored stuff. Nathan obliged him and then gasped as the slick fingers worked their way between his legs and behind his balls. “Now who’s being judgy? Hello, Slither?” Adam answered eventually.

Nathan groaned and sank down onto the thick, long fingers that then began stroking deeply. Adam was looking to drive him mad with the fierce rhythm he set up, stimulating Nate’s prostate so intensely that his cock started leaking.

Nate lifted one of Adam’s legs, bending the knee and hooking it over his shoulder as Adam’s fingers continued to fuck him. He liberally coated his own fingers and drizzled the lube down Adam’s cock, watching as it dripped slowly over the hairy balls and across his perineum. “Touché…Oh, yes! Fuck…do that again,” he ordered, Adam’s fingers having found the right spot. Working his own fingers into Adam’s ass he continued, “But you know what I mean, and I didn’t condemn an entire genre of cinematography. Oh damn it, Adam…Shit! Don’t stop.”

Adam had no intention of stopping because he was getting off on watching Nate practically bite through his own lip, and could feel him clench around his fingers, fighting to control the climax for just a while longer. As Nate positioned himself and pushed his cock deep inside, Adam continued talking in an effort not to explode. “Cinematography? Cinema—,” he paused hissing as Nathan buried himself in all the way, reveling in the burn, the uncomfortable stretch. “You know, I bet you read Playboy for the articles, don’t you?”

Nathan’s deep, long strokes never faltered as he answered, “You telling me you don’t?”

Struggling to breathe, Adam answered still pumping his fingers in and out of Nathan, “Only…the political stuff.”

Nate rested his shoulder in the back of Adam’s bent knee, placing his hand on the bed by the bigger man’s head. With the other he then fisted Adam’s cock, his palm strong and sure as he pumped. His lips twisted into a half smile as he taunted, “And you just cover your eyes like a good little altar boy until you get to the right page.”

Thrusting up to meet Nathan he snarled, “Hell no. Gotta do research. You know…for defense of my position. Fuck, Nate. I’m gonna…”

“Oh, no you aren’t,” Nathan growled playfully, stopping mid-stroke and tightening his grip at the base of Adam’s cock. “Not until you tell me where the tape is.”

“You want…Damn Nate. Don't make get my whip. Fuck me,” Adam cursed.

Waggling his brows he taunted, “Whip? Promises promises. If you tell me where it is I'll finish.”


Nathan feigned to pull out huffing, “Fine.”

“No, wait! It’s in the bureau, under my gun case.”

Nate smiled his victory and plunged in deeply, letting go of the rigid cock. Adam practically howled through his orgasm, and the rhythmic clenching of his internal muscles quickly sent Nathan spiraling into his own.

After reveling in the after-fuck glow for a few moments Adam rose and padded into the bathroom to piss. Feeling victorious, Nathan sprang from the bed and ran to retrieve the tape.

But it wasn’t there.

“You lying sack of shit!” he yelled.

Adam smiled, all sugary-sweet fake innocence, and climbed back into the bed and under the covers. “Don’t you have to be somewhere?” he reminded Nate.

“What? Oh shit. What time—I’ve gotta get going.”

Nathan quickly showered, dressed and kissed Adam goodbye murmuring, “This is not over, Adam. Far from it.” Then dashed for the elevator.

Adam grinned lasciviously to himself knowing that he'd, temporarily at least, won that round, then threw back the covers and rose. He walked over to the closet, rummaged around a bit and emerged with an unmarked tape that he popped into the player. With a couple of clicks on the universal remote, the VCR, television, computer and stereo were all turned on. Firmly grasping and stroking his cock Adam flopped into his easy chair with a contented sigh.

And he laughed as the sordid, lewd, and breathless sounds of pornography filled the air.





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