Keeping Up Appearances



Bored already, Adam checked his watch. Twelve minutes of this movie was twelve more than he ever really wanted to see, but with their own movie coming out Joss urged them to be seen as often as possible. And movie premieres were excellent places to be seen. Squinting in the dim light Adam checked out the crowd.

He’d known Dennis for years, and no one could ever miss that smile. It was good to see him out and about like this, especially after the whole Meg thing. Next to him was the other guy…Topher or whatever his name was. Adam thought the guy an arrogant ass and wondered who in the hell would shorten “Christopher” to that monstrosity of a nickname. Dismissing the boy as insignificant, he scanned the aisles a little more and quickly picked out his co-stars: Morena, Summer, Alan…and Nathan.

Ah, Nathan. The real reason Adam was here.

Unlike Adam, Nathan was incapable of going anywhere without someone on his arm and so there’d been no time for the two of them to talk. Or do anything else for that matter. And the guy was wearing a fucking kilt. Adam was glad his jacket was long enough to hide the massive woody he’d sprouted on the red carpet the instant he’d noticed that luscious, buttery looking leather whip around Nate’s knees. The man looked good in anything. Or nothing. Especially nothing.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Adam shifted in his seat and pulled on the leg of his pants in a futile attempt to give his still-aching cock more room. The room erupted in laughter but he wasn’t really listening to the movie anymore. Right now he could hear only Nathan’s laugh out of the hundreds packed in this room. So loud and infectious that you couldn’t help but laugh too.

Adam watched how the low light seemed to ghost over Nathan’s face, caressing it, and how the flickering image highlighted the gold in his hair. With a smile Adam realized that even near-darkness couldn’t hide the sparkle in Nate’s blue eyes. Those eyes were the thing he loved most about him. Well, that and his ass. The man had an ass that wouldn’t quit.

Nathan turned his head and looked over his shoulder, as if he knew exactly where Adam sat and then leaned over to Ruth and whispered something in her ear. The woman nodded curtly as Nate rose gracefully from his seat and disappeared down the long hallway that served as the theater’s entrance.

Curious, Adam unfolded himself from where he’d lounged in the chair and took the other hallway into the theatre’s foyer. He paused for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the brighter light and saw Nate stroll into the men’s room. Without a second thought Adam followed, his stride wide and purposeful. He was a man on a mission.

And his mission was to corner the little shit and fuck him senseless.

Without preamble Adam dragged his lover into the handicap stall and shoved him up against the wall, face first.

Reaching under the kilt Adam ran his hands up Nathan’s legs and purred, “Beards don’t become you.”

“Really, I thought you liked the scruff,” Nate taunted. “Liked the way it leaves your ass raw when I’m shoving my tongue up you.”

Adam groaned at that and ground his hips into Nathan’s. “Don’t be obtuse. You know what I mean.”

“Damn, Adam, can’t you ever leave the damned thesaurus at home?”

“Remind me to get you one for your birthday. I don’t do ‘Captain Dummy’ in real life,” retorted Adam. Sliding his hands up further he discovered that Nathan wasn’t wearing anything under the kilt and groaned again, then reached around to grasp hold of the other man’s rapidly growing cock.

“Never figured you for a traditionalist,” he murmured, pressing his lips into the hair on the nape of Nathan’s neck.

“I’m not. You think I wore this to make a fashion statement?”

“Wasn’t sure. I know how much of a ham you can be.”

“Shut up and fuck me, you ass.”

Adam loved it when Nathan ordered him around like that, and in his opinion it didn’t happen often enough. With one hand still wrapped around the younger man’s dick Adam made short work of the belt buckle, button and zipper of his own pants. Then he licked his palm, coating it thickly with saliva and slid it down the crack of Nate’s ass. He licked it again, wrapped it around his own cock and then pushed into Nathan. In one thrust he was balls deep, slamming Nathan against the wall again.

“Fuck, Adam,” Nate cried out.

“Oh, don’t worry. I will.”

Adam drew back, almost pulling out completely, and then thrust forward, over and over again; his hips pistoning into his lover relentlessly, a meaty palm jacking the other cock with reckless abandon. Nathan could do nothing but brace himself against the wall and pray they didn’t fuck it down.

With a wordless cry Adam came, deep inside Nathan and rested his head on the other man’s shoulder as he worked to make him come as well.

“Ah, God,” Nathan cried softly as he spurted all over Adam’s hand.

Neither moved for a few moments, but once he had his breathing under control Nate turned and kissed Adam; lips, tongues and teeth fighting for dominance, each punishing the other for a making them feel an unrelenting love they couldn’t tell a soul about.

Nathan pushed Adam back forcefully, then straightened his kilt and bolted from the stall. He washed his hands quickly and grabbed a few extra paper towels that he shoved into the pockets of his jacket. At the door Nathan paused, but didn’t look back, then hurried to get back to his seat.

Adam didn’t bother going back into the theatre. He didn’t see the point. He’d gotten what he came for. Almost.





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