Stories over 100k


Nothing Written in Stone - Set Christmas `79-`80, a little after Servant of Two Masters. When his partner starts acting strangely, Bodie suspects the worst.

Main pairing B/D , Mild R, 160K


Deadly Intervention - Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Set in the early eighties - post series - Bodie and Doyle get dragged into a world of vampires and demons and soon end up out of their depth.

Main pairing B/D, with a relatively graphic encounter between Spike/Dru/Doyle, NC-17, 133K

Currently Not Available


Contretemps - Crossover with Judge John Deed. Sometimes it takes twenty years to get at the truth and then it's not always welcome.

Main pairing B/D, with a graphic encounter between Bodie/John Deed, NC-17, 153K


And Make Him a Bridge of Gold - Pre-series. The lads' first forays into partnership are littered with potholes. Written for the Geography session of the National Curriculum Challenge. Prompts being meadow, Brittany and sauerkraut.

Main pairing B/D, NC-17, 113K