Drabbles and Ficlets


*Of Myrrh and Light - 9K, Words and pictures.

Co-written with Slantedlight.

*Bodie's Day - 20K, Mistletoe 2006.

*Tick Tock - 38K, Talk like a Pirate Day, 2006.

*Drabbles - All the drabbles on one page for ease of reading.

*Rime - Drabble graphic. Bodie POV.

*Glaze - Drabble graphic. Doyle POV.

*One of Bodie's Better Ideas - Comic strip. Xmas, humour.

Enough Rope - 4K

Helpmate - 3K

A Herculean Task - 8K

The Perils of Priapism -10K

Suspicion - 7K

Understanding - 5K

A Sailor's Life for Me - 7K

Hearing the Angels Sing - 4K

No Place Like Home - 15K, mild BDSM

Spiral - 27K, Compass points challenge.